Thursday, 11 May 2017

Blue Shoes

I am the colour blue. I am made of rubber. I am always being worn by someone. My owner loves me, Whenever my owner wears me he gets lucky.
One day my owner went to the basketball court but my owner didn't wear me and my owner bought a new pair of shoes. My owner threw me in the rubbish bin. That night my owner didn't sleep and that night my owner went outside to see in the rubbish bin, my owner grabbed me and he went inside the house. Next day my owner wears me at basketball sports and he gets the win. I feel great and happy because I get back to my owners foot.

In my writing I have used Repetition.
My next step is to use more Similes.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Colour Red

Colour Red
I am an iPad case, a taste of an Apple, strawberry, Chili and an m&m. I am a smell of a red pretty rose. A fire that Blaze Fast like Ferrari.

Monday, 6 March 2017


Tena koutou 
Ko Pinatubo te maunga 
Ko Bicol te awa 
Ko Waimairi te kura 
Ko ngati Filipino te iwi 
Ko Ian taku papa
Ko Evelyn taku mama
No Manila ahau 
Ko Sanjive taku ingoa 
Tena koutou,tena koutou,tena koutou,katou.

Acrostic poem

Acrostic poem
Not mean
Just too good at chess
I'm faster than you
Victory singer

Can't catch me
One thing I enjoy is basketball 
Ripstick failer
Paper airplane master 
Unbelievably amazing 
Zero fails(except ripstick)

Wednesday, 16 November 2016


Discovery time 
Today at discovery time reflection I played tennis with Gabriel,Andrew and Mia we played tennis with Mia vs Sanjive and Gabriel vs Andrew and sanjive is win and Gabriel is win and Mia said I go to inside I said okay and me 
Practice play tennis I'm dan and I go to insid


Discovery time 
Today at discovery time reflection I do Kahoot with Matthew,Oliver tweedy and Niko and I first do a pokemon and next Mathletics at Oliver tweedy is win for pokemon game and next is Mathletics and Niko is win for 
Mathletics and Vanessa said is morning tea time and I said to Oliver tweedy bye.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Dt time reflects 2/11/2016

Discovery time reflection 
Today at discovery time reflection I do the animal sprint race.with Hamish,Jackson,jack Mason,Niko and Matthew and. I did first a crab and next a dog and cat and 9:30 I going to ESOL.

Esol is Finish and I go to room kahukura 13 and I asked jack we done the animal sprint race jack said yes I said to him we play a chess and he said yes I said okay.and I play chess he win l sad and he said eat okay.